International conference on repositories at Äspö

SKB is hosting a gathering of 50 nationalities to develop guidelines on how work can be undertaken at a global level on research and development of geological repositories for radioactive waste. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is part of the United Nations, is organising the conference, at which countries including Sweden, Finland, France and Switzerland, which have made the most progress with the planned repositories, will report on their work and contribute to best practice on the subject. 

An international conference will be taking place throughout the week at SKB’s Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory site. More than 80 participants from 50 countries have been invited, to promote collaboration and share experiences concerning research and development of geological repositories for radioactive waste.

Pär Grahm, Head of Mechanical Engineering at SKB, was involved in planning the conference and he is hosting it.

— SKB has a long history of sharing knowledge and experience internationally when it comes to managing radioactive waste. That’s why we find it especially pleasing and a great honour to be entrusted with organising a conference on such an important subject. Of course, we’ll also take the opportunity to show the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory and the tunnel, where we’re currently running the last of our long-term experiments, says Pär Grahm.

The purpose of the conference is to jointly develop guidelines on how work can be undertaken at a global level on research and development of geological repositories. This is an area where Sweden and Finland have made the most progress. But countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada and Belgium will also report on their processes for site investigations and site selections. Ukraine has also been invited to talk about its work under very difficult conditions. The work will be summarised in a document containing conclusions on best practice for geological repositories for nuclear waste.

Karina Lange, IAEA and Pär Grahm, SKB.

Karina Lange from the IAEA has overall responsibility for the conference.

— We’re delighted once more to be able to hold an international conference at SKB’s Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory in Oskarshamn. During the week, we’ll be working to produce a description of best practice when it comes to research and development of geological repositories for spent nuclear fuel. International collaboration is an important prerequisite for being able to compile all the experience in this work, says Karina Lange, IAEA.

Oskarshamn shows off its best side

All participants will be staying in Oskarshamn, and in addition to important presentations and study visits, they will also experience the local area during their stay. Among other things, there will be a dinner at Hotel Corallen, with a view over the entrance to the port, and a trip into the archipelago onboard the M/S Solkust to experience Sweden and Oskarshamn’s unique archipelago with more than 5,400 islands.


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