A terminal vehicle with a transport cask in the final repository SFR. Photo: Lasse Modin.

Transport on land

Transport on land

In the harbours the waste has to be transported for short distances on land. Special terminal vehicles are used for this.

SKB has five terminal vehicles. Four are stationed at the Central Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel, Clab, at Simpevarp and one at the Final Repository for Short-Lived Radioactive Waste, SFR, at Forsmark. These vehicles are used for loading and unloading the transport containers. They can also travel with M/S Sigrid to another port where transport containers are to be loaded or unloaded.

The terminal vehicles can be described as large pallet loaders with a maximum load capacity of about 120 tonnes. They have diesel engines. Their maximum speed under load on a level surface is around 10 kilometres per hour. They never travel more than a few kilometres.

Last review: February 8, 2021