Personal data that SKB collects

Personal data that SKB collects

When you contact SKB and provide your personal data, we will process it in accordance with applicable legislation and SKB’s Data Protection Guidelines.

Below we describe the various situations in which your personal data is processed by us. Each processing event is unique and we only use your personal data for this or these purposes.

Contact information

When you contact us, you will need to provide your contact details so that we can get back to you, normally, you would enter your email address or phone number. It is voluntary to submit your name. It is, however, important that we have one point of contact to reach you. This data will be deleted immediately after contacting you, which entails that there is no traceability should you have additional questions.


When you place an order on the Publications page, we store the information you enter. Your data will be used for the distribution of any future errata sheets for the publication you ordered. The data is only used for this purpose. By placing an order, you consent to storage for this purpose.

When you order a subscription to the Lagerbladet magazine, we save your name, address and email address for the duration of the subscription. By placing an order, you consent to storage for this purpose.

Visits and access

In the case of visits where personal data is registered, SKB distinguishes between visits in groups (study visits), individual visits (professional visits) and access (independent visits). For study and professional visits, we will register your name, personal identification number and city of residence, as well as contact details, if applicable. Access visits require more extensive checks, including security clearance and, where appropriate, a drug test with a negative result. No registration is required for visits to our public exhibition areas.

The basis for personal data processing prior to both visits and access rests on the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s regulations and general advice on physical protection of nuclear facilities, SSMFS 2008:12. For access, a security clearance check is done against the criminal records in accordance with the rules of the Swedish Protective Security Act (2018:585).

Regardless of the reason for your visit to us, you need to identify yourself no later than on arrival in accordance with the safety rules our operations are subject to. You verify your identity by showing a valid ID. Without registration and identity checks, you will not be able to enter past our public areas.

Study visits

In order to carry out and plan a study visit, we collect personal data for all participants about two weeks before the visit. We will collect your name, personal identity number and city of residence. By submitting your personal data, you consent to us processing it prior to your visit. During and after your visit, the personal data you provided will be processed and stored as enforced by law and a legitimate interest for SKB to process your personal data as we are obliged to maintain and guarantee a secure physical and virtual environment. Your personal data will be stored for one year after the visit, pursuant to regulations.

Professional visits

To visit us, you need to identify yourself upon arrival. We then register your name and personal identity number, issue a visitor badge and register your visit to us. You may be registered as a visitor for a maximum of two days. Your personal data will be stored for one year after the visit, pursuant to regulations.


To gain access to our offices and facilities, an approved security clearance with a criminal records check is required in accordance with the rules in the Swedish Protective Security Act (2018:585). If necessary, a drug test with a negative result is also required. Without an approved security clearance and a negative drug test, we cannot grant you access.

Security clearance and a criminal records check takes place by giving us your name, personal identity number, address, citizenship and contact details, which we in turn send to the relevant authority that performs the check. An accredited laboratory performs the drug test and sends the results to us. We have signed a separate data processing agreement with the private operators who process personal data for SKB.

When your access has ceased, your personal data is usually deleted after one year. In certain cases, your personal data will be stored for a longer period if required by law or regulation.

Measurement of radiation (dosimeter)

When visiting areas that may be subject to radiation, we apply the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s regulations for personal radiation protection in activities involving ionising radiation at nuclear facilities 2008:26. In practice, this means that, while in the area, you will need to carry a dosimeter that measures the presence of radiation.

To read the dosimeter, we pass on your personal data to the supplier of these services who will process your personal data as well as the radiation dose. This data is considered sensitive personal data concerning your health. We have signed a separate data processing agreement with our supplier, which guarantees that they will only use your personal data in a secure and encrypted manner in accordance with the requirements set out in the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s regulations. The purpose is to make you aware of events that may affect your health.

The information from individual measurements linked to you as a person is saved during the year the measurement was taken and normally for another calendar year in accordance with the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s regulations. Your data will then be deleted. Under certain circumstances, your personal data may need to be kept. Click here to read the full regulations. (SSMFS 2018:1 Chapter 4 Section 37.)

SKB’s communication channels

SKB publishes information in different channels, for example on, in social media, the Lagerbladet magazine, in advertisements and other printed media, in SKB’s own exhibitions and in connection with different events. There, we publish text and images that are newsworthy for our business as well as other information and images that provide information about our business. Prior to publishing your name and/or picture of you, we will ask for your consent for publication. Depending on the situation, for example at an event where the possibility of written consent is limited, such a question may be posed verbally. If the time between taking the photograph and publication allows written consent, the designated form for written consent must be used. You may withdraw your consent at any time and we will take reasonable steps to delete the publication of your personal data. Please note that we can never guarantee that all personal data about you will be deleted where we do not have control, for example from third parties who have further used our information.

Job applications

When you apply for a job with us, we need to process the personal data that you provide to us during the application process. Employment here is also conditional on an approved security clearance and an approved drug test, and for this we need your personal identity number and your address. In our recruitment processes, we collaborate with Vattenfall’s Human Resources Services. A position at SKB is thereby applied for through Vattenfall’s recruitment system. Find more information here about the processing of personal data when applying for a job.

Press Releases

SKB sends out press releases via Tidningars Telegrambyrå, where the personal data (name and e-mail address) of our recipients is stored. The personal data will only be processed for sending out SKB’s press releases and will not be used for any other purpose.

The purpose of the mailings is to give you immediate access to our press releases. Our commission to handle all radioactive waste means that our press releases contain important societal information that, in the event of a balance of interests, provides us with a legal basis for processing your email address and, where appropriate, your name when we send out press releases.

We store your personal data for as long as our operations are ongoing and we actively send out press releases. After that, your personal data will be automatically deleted. You can unsubscribe from further mailings at any time and at the same time have your personal data deleted by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the press release.


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How to contact us

The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management company is the personal data controller. You can reach us at or +46 (0)8 459 84 00. You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more about how we process your personal data, want to correct it, want it deleted or want to know what personal data we have saved about you. Learn more about your rights here.

If you are not satisfied with our processing of your personal data, you can contact Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (Data Protection Authority).

Last review: May 24, 2018