SKB takes part in and finances research which is published as scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. Some of these articles are published as Open Access (normally through Creative Commons license). If the article is an outcome of a SKB-coordinated project funded by the EU, the project title and grant number can be used in the search. Only Open Access articles are available here.
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Lindborg, Tobias; Brydsten, Lars; Sohlenius, Gustav; Strömgren, Mårten; Andersson, Eva; Löfgren, Anders


MODARIA l - Modelling and Data for Radiological Impact Assessments

Lindborg, T; Thorne, M; Andersson, E; Becker, J; Brandefelt, J; Cabianca, T; Gunia, M; Ikonen, A T K; Johansson, E; Kangasniemi, V; Kautsky, U; Kirchner, G; Klos, R; Kowe, R; Kontula, A; Kupiainen, P; Lahdenperä, A-M; Lord, N S; Lunt, D J; Näslund, J-O; Nordén, M; Norris, S; Pérez-Sánchez, D; Proverbio, A; Riekki, K; Rübel, A; Sweeck, L; Walke, R; Xu, S; Smith, G; Pröhl, G


GRASP - Greenland Analogue Surface system Project

Lindborg, Tobias; Rydberg, Johan; Tröjbom, Mats; Berglund, Sten; Johansson, Emma; Löfgren, Anders, Saetre, Peter; Nordén, Sara; Sohlenius, Gustav; Andersson, Eva; Petrone, Johannes; Borgiel, Micke; Kautsky, Ulrik; Laudon, Hjalmar


Lindborg, Tobias; Lindborg, Regina; Löfgren, Anders; Söderbäck, Björn; Bradshaw, Clare; Kautsky, Ulrik


REDUPP - Reducing uncertainty in performance prediction

Corkhill, Claire L; Myllykylä, Emmi; Bailey, Daniel J; Thornber, Stephanie M; Qi, Jiahui; Maldonado, Pablo; Stennett, Martin C; Hamilton, Andrea; Hyatt, Neil C


MIND - Microbiology In Nuclear waste Disposal

Bassil, Naji M; Lloyd, Jonathan R


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